Brother of Andrew Lee.

Tar Heel.

Asheville, North Carolina.

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The following is a letter I wrote my English 102 Professor in May of 2012. I use it here because I am too lazy—and, of course, too humble—to write another description of myself.


Dear Gale,

            My name is Caleb Pressley, but my friends call me Maybe. You might recognize my name from season two of American Idol. On the other hand, you might not. I realize relationships take time to develop and we will undoubtedly get to know each other better as the semester progresses; however, I would love to give you a general overview of what I am all about.

So first and foremost I guess you should know that I am an avid juggler. To be honest, juggling consumes the vast majority of my time. Not to give the impression that I am a one-trick pony.  I am actually also an expert in taekwondo, Mandarin Chinese, and spades. Some things that I am not good at are remembering my dreams and taking my medication.

I had a rough childhood to say the least. I grew up in a wealthy home with two loving parents who afforded me every economic advantage a kid could ask for. However, I ran away when I was seven because I prefer to take the road less traveled. Living out of a Nike shoebox, I made my way by counting cards in Cherokee casinos and running an extortion business out of my grandmother’s basement. I breezed my way through the ESL program at A.C. Reynolds High School and, even with my indecent exposure charge, I received my diploma only a week after my classmates who were allowed to attend the graduation ceremony. I applied to many colleges and I was fortunate to gain admission into the University of North Carolina solely based on my connections and family’s donations to the university.

When it comes to English, I am the average student. I love to write. I just do not like to write about the subjects that are written about in English. However, I try my best. By try my best I mean that I procrastinate every assignment until the last minute. The upside to this is that I thrive in the last minute. Actually, if I could go back in time, and insert another fact about myself in the “first and foremost” sentence, I would insert “thrive under pressure” instead of “avid juggler.”

Lastly, to allow you to explore deeper into my inner person I would like to leave you with some mottos that I have chosen to live by:

-Always throw the first punch

-Turn the other cheek

-Take the road less traveled, or most easily accessible

-Never wear white after Labor Day


-Mask your insecurities with false confidence

I hope that this letter helps introduce myself to you. I am excited to be here this summer. I am absolutely certain that I will learn to be a better writer, communicator, and thinker. I am sure that I will learn something in your class as well.




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