Press Release


It gives me moderate pleasure to announce to you tonight that starting next week, I will be the subject of a season long venture of avant-garde documentary filmmaking cleverly entitled, Quarterbacking with Caleb Pressley.

This idea was brought to me by our media relations liaison, Kevin Best. One thing you should know about Kevin is that he was once a savant pianist who turned out to be a musical bust of Jamarcus Russell-like proportions. Furthermore, you should know that he is also one of the main men behind the ever-politically and socially correct, Although it is true that these weekly documentary videos will be published through the university athletic website—rather than my own independent site—I do not want anyone to fall under the misconception that I am now a sellout. Not that I wouldn’t have cashed in if I had the opportunity, but unfortunately I did not. As it turns out, NCAA rules do not allow its athletes to be compensated for any performance that is captured by high-definition camera and then offered to a wide range of NCAA-funding fans.

The content of the documentary videos will vary from week to week; yet, my ultimate hope is that they will all come together in the end to offer an inside look at what it takes to be an ACC Quarterback. I am looking forward to a fun, stimulating, and successful season, and I hope that you will all, at the very least, pretend that you watch the videos if you ever see me in person.

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P.S. Next time will be next Wednesday at

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