Even though I didn’t play this Saturday, our team still somehow managed to pull out a victory. There is no arguing that it was a huge accomplishment for us to go on the road and beat such a solid divisional opponent; however, it might have been an even larger triumph for me on a personal level. To be completely honest, that was the biggest win I have had in Miami since I beat Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Coincidentally, I wasn’t allowed to play that game either.

After our big win on Saturday, someone told me that we now control our own destiny. I looked at the person with determined eyes and nodded my head confidently. Yet, on the inside I was confused. Did he mean that before we beat Miami we actually were not in control of our destiny? Was there a puppeteer at play that was whimsically pulling our strings and governing our every move? Was John Calvin right all along?

Slowly, each one of these puzzle pieces began to connect in my mind. All the times I have walked downstairs to get something, only to get there and forget what I wanted. The times I forgot someone’s name five seconds after they introduced themselves to me. The time I threw an interception in the spring game. I mean there is no way I would have ever done that unless some other supreme being was controlling my actions. Suddenly, it was all beginning to make sense. Whatever this “control your own destiny” thing meant, it was not supposed to be scary. In fact, it was a source for hope. Even though it meant that I was probably screwed before we beat Miami, it meant that I now had infinite opportunities to achieve my lifelong ambitions. Things that had just been pipedreams such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, starting a polygamous colony, and break checking a close follower on the open interstate were now all tangible possibilities.

When I think about it, I guess I have always been a boy fathered by destiny. When people Say My Name, they immediately think, “That guy is a Soldier.  A real Survivor.” Truthfully, I sometimes Lose My Breath thinking about The Proud Family that I was brought up in. Now as the director of my own destiny, I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.

But first things first. The next stop in our road to providence is eight miles down the road in Wallace Wade Stadium where this Saturday we will take on Duke with the Victory Bell up for grabs. For all of the people out there worried about the possibility of us overlooking the Blue Devils just because we lead the all-time series 40-20, do not worry; there is a better chance of us getting a night game in Kenan than us coming into this game overconfident.

In conclusion, I would like to send this week’s “Crib Call of the Week” back home to a former teammate and current A.C. Reynolds Rocket, Justin St. Onge. Last Friday Justin broke a Reynolds record when he made his 428th career tackle. That number surpassed the old mark that was held by current Division II All-American, Mars Hill College Linebacker, Rudy Cabral. Justin, you my friend are…


By the way, Reynolds is the Oregon of HS uni’s

And lastly, one of my good friends and current Tar Heel teammates, Carson Wooten, wanted me to talk about him in this post. Consider it done.

Until next time,


P.S. Just because I did not include “Bootylicious” in the Destiny’s Child paragraph does not mean I do not think it is a great song.

P.S.S. Mom I was completely kidding about going behind your back to play Grand Theft Auto. I would never do something like that.


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