It is always nice to have a little brother. Even after the worst day, you can always count on him to be there when you get home. And whether it’s video games, backyard basketball, or his 4th grade homework, you can always be assured that you are better at it than he is. Now does consistently bashing your little brother in every competition make you a better person? That is still up for debate. But what is not up for debate is positive effect it can have on your self-esteem.

Last weekend against the Eastern North Carolina Pirates, I had a good feeling. However, the reason that I took the field feeling like Etta James wasn’t entirely due to the excitement of a sibling rivalry; it also had to do with the stylish new sideline hat I was issued right before kickoff. If you only know one thing about college football, you know that all backup quarterbacks who are worth a shoot wear hats during the game. Oh? Your one thing that you knew about college football was that it is a multibillion-dollar industry that cashes in on 18 to 22-year old student-athletes without giving them proper representation or compensation? My bad. Well at least now you know two things about it. While it is obvious that all bona fide backups should wear hats on the sideline, some of you may wonder why that is. For all of you Georges out there, I have compiled a list of the top five reasons we wear sideline caps.

1) Because it is a lifestyle

2) Because we see the Pros doing it

3) Because we are not all naturals

4) Because we respect our coach

and most obviously…..

5) Because we are all Little Monsters

So far this season we are undefeated when I wear trendy sideline head wear. This week we will be putting that impeccable record to the test against a loaded Idaho team. Unfortunately for us, it looks like there are plenty of options at Idaho’s training table other than salad. This is a team with tremendous size, and for us to be successful we are going to keep our eyes peeled. Defensively, our front seven will have to play tough, assignment football to avoid being mashed by their large offensive line. Furthermore, our defensive secondary will have to forget about the sweet new helmet stickers we will be wearing, and focus on not getting baked by their talented receiving core. Even if we do make one or two mistakes, we cannot let it get under our skins; we must stay focused on the play at hand. On the other side of the ball, we will have to be prepared for anything. Whether we get down early and are forced to chip away at their lead, or if it is a back and forth scoring game of hot POTATO, we have to be ready to do what it takes to win.

Now that I have finished divulging this week’s confidential gameplan, there is only one thing left to do: give out the newly named, but always coveted, “Crib Call of the Week.” This week’s selection is a no brainer. The brilliant man who decided to let me wear a hat on the sideline is University of North Carolina Assistant Equipment Manager Jason Freeman. It should come as no surprise that this amazing decision maker hails from the most amazing city in the United States of America: Asheville, North Carolina. J-Bone, this one goes out to you.



Until Next Time,



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