Kanler Coker vs. Buddy Blackjack

Once again, I am sorry that I have not posted recently. I am sure by now you are starting to get fed up with my infrequent posts, and even more tired of the apologies I accompany them with. Yet, you are back again to check out the latest Crib Calls, and for that I thank you. I really do not even know what happened. One minute I was shopping for new salts for my bathtub, and then before I knew it two weeks had passed.

Today I bring you a documentary of the downfall of Buddy Blackjack’s latest challenger—Freshman Quarterback Kanler Coker. Kanler just enrolled at UNC this summer, and as you will see, he still has a lot to learn. Due to his inexperience, I have felt personally obligated to take him under my wing and show him how things are done here in Chapel Hill.

Lesson One:

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my rendition of Friday Night Lights. (Buddy and I are Dallas Carter.) I am actually planning to post more frequently in the coming weeks so you should all stay tuned. I know everyone has already bookmarked this site, but I think it is now time for you to just go ahead and make it your homepage. Also, I have created an email address (cribcalls@gmail.com) where you can contact me with your thoughts, queries, and concerns about Crib Calls. This is funny considering that I am really not even slightly interested with what your opinion is. But still, have at it. More importantly, anyone who has a question or topic they would like to see discussed should email that to me. I am planning on having guest commentary from only the MOST interesting personalities I know, and I will choose my guest poster based on what the posed question is.

Until next time,

Caleb Pressley


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