An Introduction

You obviously have a lot of questions. First and foremost being the old chicken and an egg. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with that. However, I can help you with your other, more pertinent queries that involve myself and this website.

My name is Caleb Pressley and the most important thing you can know about me is that I live life by my own rules. When I say my own rules I mean the rules of the University of North Carolina’s football team and honor court.  I should probably also mention the United States Constitution, and university housing. Apart from the time that I am adhering to these policies, you could say that I am incorrigible.

As I previously mentioned, I play football for UNC. This site will undoubtedly be a place where fans of North Carolina football will come to gain an insider’s perspective of the program, and to find out what goes on in the confines of Kenan Stadium on a daily basis. I can pinky promise you that I will use these aspirations to my advantage, and dupe all of you into actually just reading more about my personal life than any person could ever possibly want to.

You are probably still wondering why this site is called “Crib Calls.” What could it possibly mean? Is it just another slang phrase for explicit behavior? Does it involve babies? The punt returner for the Browns? MTV? Telephones? Well, let me explain. A crib call is when someone claims someone or something through the use of the expression “crib.” Moreover, it is when someone claims that someone else hails from the same region as they do. For example, being from Asheville, North Carolina, I can (and do) call crib on every person and thing from my hometown. To elaborate, anytime someone says “Roy Williams,” I declare “crib.” (For those of you who do not know, Roy attended high school at T.C. Roberson in Asheville and went on to coach at Owen—another school in the area. Although I certainly would never call crib on either T.C. Roberson or Owen, as they were both my archrivals that I fervently defeated in every sport for four years, I call crib on Roy because his main associations are more with the Asheville area than they are with the high schools. Something you will also learn quickly is the more famous a person is, the broader your requirements for crib become.) Even though these are some of the basic fundamentals of a crib call, I am sure this all still seems very confusing. Luckily for you, it will begin to make better and better sense the more often you frequent this page.

You are also lucky because although my posts may sometimes include crib calls, they will never be strictly about them. This site will actually serve more as an outlet for my deep emotions, and even deeper thoughts. One might even say that a persistent reader will be “rolling in the deep.” Haha… get it….      No?      Awkward…        maybe if you owned a Dell. “Dude, it’s a Dell.” Now that I have proven to you that I am knee-slappingly hilarious I do not believe I need to offer any more reason for you to bookmark this page. But for all of you who do not enjoy laughing so hard that you throw up, I plan to also post insightful and thought provoking questions of human life. I am also sure that as time goes on I will come up with other ideas that make this site more overwhelmingly astounding; but until then, act like you are satisfied with what I have.

While this webpage is still at an infant stage, I suggest that instead of just rereading this one post over and over, you should check out the photo album of my right hand man and best non-human friend, Buddy Blackjack. He will definitely come up in conversation the more I post, and the earlier you get to know him the better off you will be.

Until next time,

Caleb Pressley


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